Rochelle superseded my expectations again! I'm a loyal patron for life. Namaste.

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Who Is Rochelle Love?

Rochelle Love

In 2011 Rochelle Love embarked on a deep spiritual journey toward total transformation. She settled in Oakland, California spending a lot of time in San Fransisco where she adored the ever-fluxing high energy. She became a Nichiren Buddhist and focused completely on spirituality, intellectual growth, and nutritional healing. In 2013 she began studying the Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, crystals, and her clairvoyant abilities. Then she abruptly moved to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in central California to awaken her connection to mother earth. She started work on a sanctuary for herself and her family; an organic farm seated on a small energy vortex in the forest.

She spends her time contemplating "what is"; walking her own path away from the influence of pop culture. Professionally, she works as a Yoni Egg Instructor, Yoni Steam Herbalist, Psychic, and Web Developer. Her website is home to her brand "Elite Beauty by Rochelle Love"; a collection of her line of handcrafted beauty products, premium Yoni Eggs, and art inspired by her Astrological studies. She has an Associate's Degree in Web Design and a Bachelor's Degree in Web Development. Her education in holistic healing and divination are based on countless hours of research and mentoring.

Rochelle Love is known professionally for providing Top Shelf Yoni Eggs and Yoni Steams, handcrafted crystal jewelry, Numerology, Palmistry, and Tarot readings. Relentless 5 star reviews boast the highest compliments of quality, service, and the genuineness of her heart. She is also an artist, working with a wide variety of mediums and techniques including wood burning, jewelry, painting, and fiber arts. Rochelle is best known for her generosity and empathy. Reaching out to wild spirits everywhere, she sees a hidden gem within every person which is worth polishing. She always makes time for a spirit in need. She loves meeting new energy and answering questions!


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